How to post a campaign by email

I’m trying to set up a simple newsletter circulation list for our community council using phpList and have encountered a problem as follows:
We want a simple circulation list built up by individual users signing up to receive our newsletters. I’ve got that bit to work OK with phpList.

Next, rather than using the inbuilt phpList template process, I would like to be able to offer a process whereby an ordinary email (with attachment) sent to a single email address will be forwarded to all the signed-up end-users. (Reason – simplicity for non IT savvy users).
Is this possible, or is phpList the wrong software for this application??

I’m using phpList 3.4.8, through cPanel 82-0-16, hosted by NetHosted.
Dewi Morgan
Old Aberdeen
(Sorry if I’ve missed an earlier post on this subject - I did try!).

@DewiM You probably want to look at mailing list applications such as Mailman, which is available on CPanel.

phplist is intended to be used by one or a small number of admins who compose and send campaigns, not for any subscriber to send a campaign.

Thanks for clarification. I had started off with Mailman but on encountering a (different) problem, the server’s tech support recommended phpList as being a better app. Ah well, back to Mailman!
Thanks for help.

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