How to move installation to a new folder

Hi, I have phplist 3.2.3 installed and need to move it to a new folder. I thought this would be a common question but couldn’t find instructions on how to do this. I installed via Softaculous, if that makes any difference.

Can someone point me to a tutorial or tell me the best way to go about this?


Quickest way, rename the folder.

If you can’t, for example, if it’s on different levels of your server, then you’ll need to, as you say, move it which will take a lot longer.

Once moved or renamed, you’ll need to change the $pageroot setting in lists/config/config.php to match your new directories name and path.

$pageroot = "/new_folder/lists";

That should then work.

If you have been using click tracking then changing the path to phplist will cause clicks of links within emails sent before the rename to fail.

You will also need to modify the urls for subscriptions, preferences etc on the Settings page.

Thanks. Renaming won’t work. I need to move the installation to another folder.

Thanks for your reply. I’m not using click tracking so that is not a concern.

Thanks for the tips on the other settings.

What Duncan says, sorry forgot about that bit!