How to integrate phplist in website sign up form

Hello I want to integrate phplist in my website sign up form

A quick search on this site brings up a load of options, including this page: How do I integrate the subscribers page into my website?

You can do it a few different ways, you can add a trigger on you database that whenever a person goes into your existing customer capture page, it will add it to your phphlist database.

Or you can write some code for it and incorporate it into your existing forms. In .NET here’s the code I wrote, you’ll need to create your own connection open to your database for moConn.

        Dim oMySqlCommand As New MySqlCommand
        oMySqlCommand.Connection = moConn
        oMySqlCommand.Parameters.AddWithValue("email_address", vUserEmail.ToLower)
        oMySqlCommand.Parameters.AddWithValue("uniqid", Guid.NewGuid)
        oMySqlCommand.CommandText = "INSERT IGNORE INTO phplist_user_user set email = ?email_address, confirmed=1,entered = now(),modified = now(),uniqid = ?uniqid,htmlemail = 1, bouncecount=0,disabled = 0"
        oMySqlCommand.CommandType = CommandType.Text
        oMySqlCommand.CommandText = "INSERT IGNORE INTO phplist_listuser set userid = (select id from phplist_user_user where email = ?email_address) , listid = 3, entered = now(), modified= now()"