How to download all users in phplist

I’m trying to download all 2500+ members in my email list. When I click Export, I am constrained by start and end date, and start date only goes back to 2014 (need to go back to begnning of list).

How does one download the whole list of emails?

Simply add the following to your config/config.php file, setting the DATE_START_YEAR to (in your case) 2014.

# year ranges. If you use dates, by default the drop down for year will be from
# three years before until 10 years after this the current value for year. If there
# is no current value the current year will be used.
# if you want to use a bigger range you can set the start and end year here
# be aware that the drop down may become very large.
# if set to 0 they will use the default behaviour. So I'm afraid you can't start with
# year 0. Also be aware not to set the end year to something relatively soon in the
# future, or it will stop working when you reach that year.
define('DATE_START_YEAR', 0);
define('DATE_END_YEAR', 0);