How to delete users automatically AND immediately while unsubscribe?


we want to use phplist for pure information purposes for our customers regarding service issues and they should subscribe, change subscriptions & unsubscribe via mail only.

During the configuration process of phplist I’ve found 2 issues (for me) I can’t solve.

If a user unsubscribes he will be blacklisted. If the user decides to subscribe again he will get the same confirmation page as he would if he subscribes the first time. But he won’t get an activation mail or the following confirmation mail.

Ok, this sound sensible because the mail is already verified but IMHO the there should be a correct confirmation page with a directly confirmation mail sent. The next problem is that the user remains blacklisted even if he subscribes again. This makes really no sense to me.

Anyway, I guess the simpliest way would be to automatically and immediately delete a user from the database incl. from the blacklist tables at the moment he unsubscribes.

Could anyone provide a solution for the process above?