How to create separate Subscribe pages at different URLs?

This seems like a basic task that I should be able to implement easily, but I am stumped. My apologies if this is in the PHPlist manual and I have simply missed or misunderstood it. If someone could clarify this for me, I would greatly appreciate it.

I am using PHPlist version 3.0.12 on a Mac running OS 10.8.5 and using Safari 6.2.6. When I’m logged into PHPlist, I can view and create multiple Subscribe pages. Screenshot is at
But no matter how many Subscribe pages I create, there seems to be only one URL where people can subscribe (specified in my PHPlist Settings page). :confused: The screenshot is at
I don’t want to offer all my reports/newsletters at only one URL where people can subscribe. I want multiple URLs so that I can offer a particular report or newsletter at each URL. Do I have to install PHPlist in multiple folders (not sure if that’s the correct term) of my Web site to do that, or is there a simpler way to accomplish my objective?

Thanks very much in advance for whatever help you can provide. :smile:

Hi, if you click the maginifer icon next to the subscribe page you made on the list of subscribe pages (link one you gave) you can see the page and the url. The page in the config is the default page when you have several.


Well I’ll be darned. :open_mouth: I see exactly what you mean. That was simple. Thank you so much, Anna!

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No worries :smile:

Good look with your sending :smile: