How to config PHPList mail quantities

Hi, Im new with PHPList and I have installed PHPList V3, so I have created a Mailing List and a campaign, but I canot send all the mails, so I have read that I need to change de config .php file.

The hosting provided me this info:

I can send 150 mails per hour and 1500 mails per day and I have a list withh 700 subcribers.

How can I config the PHPList to send the mails?

Also, do I need to leave open de PHPList browser window to send the mails?

Thanks in advanced…

Hi Jesua,

You can either send through the web interface, send via a cron job (commandline on the server). More information here:

You might want to use a cron job if you know how to set those up on your server (or cpanel).

To set the rate, you can throttle the sending by setting a delay. 1500perday/(60sec/min * 60mins/hr * 24hr/day) = a delay of 57 seconds. That should keep you within the sending limits no matter how big your list is. put that value in this section of your config.php file:

# to avoid overloading the server that sends your email, you can add a little delay
# between messages that will spread the load of sending
# you will need to find a good value for your own server
# value is in seconds (or you can play with the autothrottle below)
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