How to cancel a message being sent while in queue (not 'suspend sending')


I have sent a message and it’s been sitting in the queue for 3 days now saying the following in the “PHPlist Maillist Processing info” email that I get sent.

[Wed 9 Sep 2015 11:49] [] Started
[Wed 9 Sep 2015 11:49] [] Processing has started, 1 message(s)
to process.
[Wed 9 Sep 2015 11:49] [] It is safe to click your "stop"
button now, report will be sent by email to
[Wed 9 Sep 2015 11:49] [] Processing message 476
[Wed 9 Sep 2015 11:49] [] Looking for users
[Wed 9 Sep 2015 11:49] [] Found them: 1 to process
[Wed 9 Sep 2015 11:49] [] Processed 1 out of 1 users
[Wed 9 Sep 2015 11:49] [] Script stage: 5
[Wed 9 Sep 2015 11:49] [] 1 emails failed (will retry later)

Each time I re-process the queue it say there’s one email to process but it never seems to process it. Is there a way I can stop the message being sent (it has sent out to all of the people in the list except one)?

If I press ‘suspend sending’ it sits there in limbo and doesn’t show up in the message statistics (MessageStatisticspPlugin) which makes it impossible for me to see what’s going on and try and locate which email is causing the problem.

Is there a way to actually cancel the sending of this single message?



@phillegg Which version of phplist are you running?
For version 3, when you suspend the campaign there will then be a button on the Campaigns page to mark it as complete. The status will change to ‘sent’ after you click that.

HI Duncan

Thanks for getting back. I’m actually running version 2.10.19 - haven’t gone to version 3 yet. Surely there must be a way to stop a message from processing - I really need to get out of this loop - any ideas?



Possibly if you enable VERBOSE in your config file then the erroneous email address will be shown in the event log. Then you can either correct it, or unconfirm or delete it.

Hi, on a separate note you urgently should upgrade. phpList 2 is not secure any more. If you are not sure about doing this yourself, there is paid support or

You should be updating your phpList regularly.

Hi Phillegg,
I had this happen to me once (with a version 3 install), and there was one record in the database that had an invalid email address. I looked in the database directly, looked up my campaign number, and searched for unsent email addresses for that campaign. It ended up being a very invalid email address. I deleted the user from the database, and that solved the problem.

HI Dan

Thanks for the idea. I have looked into the database in phpmyadmin and found the table phplist_message. in that table I can see that there’s one left to process but cannot find what the actual email address is? Do you happen to know what table name the actual unsent email addresses are in or how I can find out that information?

I did actually find a user entry (in the list associated with this message/campaign) that somehow ended up being saved without an email address (not sure how that happened as usually it won’t save without one). I have since deleted this user (with no email address) but this has not had any effect in completing the sending of the message.



Did you try this change to the config file?
If it doesn’t work then the simplest fix is to change the message status to “sent” in the message table. But the same thing may happen when you send the next message.

Here is some sql that you can run in phpmyadmin. It should list the email addresses that belong to the list that have not been sent the message.

select email
from phplist_user_user u
join phplist_listuser lu on lu.userid = and lu.listid = 9
left join phplist_usermessage um on um.messageid = 999 and um.userid =
where um.userid is null

Change the list id from 9 to the actual list id, and the message id from 999 to the actual message id.

Thanks Duncan… I was just trying to remember what I did…!

Phil, you should turn on the “VERBOSE” setting in your config.php.
That would deliver more information to you system log (in the website menus… ‘system’,‘log of events’), and perhaps provide more useful troubleshooting advice for you.

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I was worried because it says in the config file that if I turn on VERBOSE it will crash the browser & I have around 4,000 users. However, I’ve gone and done it now, found the erroneous email in the event log and sorted it! Hurrah!

DuncanC, thanks for your phpmyadmin code. That’s a bit out out of my depth of knowledge but would love to learn more. Do you know a good book/source of reference where i can learn more about that area?

Many thanks everyone for all your help and cool advice.




I wonder if we can add something about this to troubleshooting in the manual… Is this a common issue you think chaps?

I have only seen it once in my use, (probably about 3+ years…

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Thanks for your help, I had the same problem and setting the full event report helped. In the letter there was an address with an “exclamation” mark, I put blacklisted it and the campaign ended.
I’m just wondering why the import of CSV addresses allowed to add an invalid address to the database.