How to automate subscription re-confirmation and clean inactive users

Looking at histories, I see cases of users lapsing into long periods of (apparently) never opening the messages sent. Previously, to do spring-cleaning of the list, I sent a message asking for an emailed reply to confirm that a user wanted to stay on the list. Those that did not reply, I moved to a list created for the inactive ones. If a tardy request to stay subscribed came in, I just manually moved them back to the active list.

Has anyone automated a subscription renewal process? Did I miss a topic that would answer my need?

The invite plugin does this, it blacklists everyone and unblacklists them when they respond.

I prefer Custom unsubscribe though

I use to own a retail store and customers signed up in store and I would send out a monthly newsletters with coupons in it. Some customers will come in and say they never got the newsletter. So in theory, the email is correct, the customer wants the email, but they are not receiving it do to spam-filtering or a bad email configuration.

So before you spring clean, do some email configuration test and inbox placement testing.

With me it ended up being content related, I had to make three different versions of my newsletters for different ESP to accept it. I kept using the same “newsletter design and only changing the promotion in the middle” - The outer designs was causing the issue with some ESP.

it’s a good point @Henry - weather a subscriber is engaged or not is not black and white. Additional to all you said (which is very important!) sometimes people are just busy for a while, or not interested for a while. To some extent your “not engaged” are even more important than those who read every mail, they are people who you can re-engage!

Thanks @anna, I also realize this from my own behavior. I get emails a lot from places I like, but I never open the emails, because I just don’t need that service or product. I wear contact lenses, I will get emails for contact lenses monthly, but I usually buy lenses once a year. So for 11 months I just swipe-delete that email, but on the 12th month I’m looking at them to see which place I can get the best deal at.

I’m engaged, but I’m not engaged to the point where it will show as a “view” or “open”. I’m engaged enough to want to keep receiving emails from this/that place. But just don’t have a need/want when I received it.

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