How FOOTER placeholder is working?

Hello everyone,

Can you explain me how is footer placeholder working?

  1. In my campain template in HTML fotter I have got this placeholders: [FOOTER] [CONTACT] [SIGNATURE].

  2. In phplist config page I set default footer HTML like this:
    <div class="footer" style="text-align:left; font-size: 90%;"><p>My messages, unsubscribe placeholder etc.....</p></div>

When I create a new campain using my template i dont put any FOOTER message in textarea and after sending to my test mail adaresses, footer is blank. Ok, I didnt put there any word,(when I wrote there something everything is ok, footer shows in email) but i think that in footer should apear my default FOTTER set in phplist config page?

I am going to use only one footer information, from config page but those messages dont working.

I will be happe for any answere.


I use last phplist version. The default footer does not appear in thnderbird and in gmail webmail - i checked these two mail clients.

The footer text area will be initialised to the default value from the config page. You can leave it unchanged or edit it, but don’t want to clear it entirely.

Thanks for answer. My mistake. When I tested next e-mails sending I made copy of sent e-mail, so there was added my last footer. Then I didnt see footer changes puted in config.

Now I create new campain (not copy last message) and actual footer message is initialised.

Thank you duncanc.