How do I setup Cron (2017)?


I need a guide how to setup crontab the manual way. I know, that there help page, but this is very old and I can’t find the mentioned things in config or processque (it’s about 10 years old).

I don’t understand, if you have to put the in the commandline (putty with my host) a instruction or in config.php something.?

All guides made it worse, because they are all using different aproaches.

Here is my settings:

I have managed server and want to limit the mails to 150 per Hour with 1 second between the messages.

The cronjob should be executed every hour. In about a week, the newsletter is sent fully.

Now I tell you, what my managed server does support:

PHP 4.4.9 (cgi-fcgi)
Copyright © 1997-2008 The PHP Group
Zend Engine v1.3.0, Copyright © 1998-2004 Zend Technologies

Now I need to know, how can I configure cronjob like statet without using cPanel (which I’m not using anyway) or without signing to some cronjobing service including too…
I need know, what kind of a file I have to create (or need to a create file??) and what kind of instuction I have write in putty to let the executable to execute and which software you recommendend like putty…or how you did it.

If you need more help, please tell me.



I found a now the official website for Cron Jobs, which is indeed new. Will take a look and then tell you, if I need help or not. Official Cron Job help page is:

Okay after some research, this thing is very confusing. Can you at least tell me, which editor you use, which is avaiable for windows too?

@thebyom “cron job” is specific to Linux/Unix. If your server is Windows then you need to look at creating a scheduled task.

If all of this is unfamiliar to you or difficult to understand then you might want to consider using phplist hosted instead. There is a monthly charge but it takes away all of the problems that you seem to be having.


I’m hosting it from 1und1, Where I’ve already installed phplist to a directory of my website. I created a dB there and it works. But the problem was, that I had to let open my pc and browser, which logged out, because the session was over.

There are to much mails, I’m sorry I can’t open my browser every two hours. So I looked about everything and yes there was a solution. Cron jobs. My hoster supports Cron job. This means I don’t have to let my pc and my browser open. But there are to many questions with configuration.

First of all, I already got with ssh client putty into network and then saved it. But the phplist (file in the directory usr/bin/) configuration is wrong or I don’t understand.

I have all my passwords for ftp and ssh and so on. I know how to login via putty to ssh.

But there are problems

1.) Where should I store the phplist (file)?

2.) #!/bin/bash what should I change it on my server?

3.) usr/bin/php I have changed it to following usr/bin/php5.5.cli is that right?

4.) phplist installed on /lists/admin is that okay or how should it be properly installed.

5.) how do I setup a Cronjob hourly mentioned in the post above.

6.) where can I know my domains full path or right path. For example my domain is

And phplist is installed on:

How should I change it in the phplist file

Something like that:





Absolutely don’t know how to make this.

That is why I suggest that you use phplist hosted -

Alternatively you can consider paying for support to configure phplist, see

Sir Duncanc,

I know this, but I want to try out first. Can I ask you, how you setup your phplist cronjob? Of course replace your domain name with something else like “test” or “fontain”.

Sir Dunarc,

I made it. Here’s the cronjob example for 1&1 1und1 1and1:

*/10 * * * * usr/bin/curl -s ' Page=processqueue&secret=mysecretcode

My secret code you will find in settings of phplist.

It will send every ten minute with these settings.

I need to ask, how much mails does this process per que. I made 3600 seconds against 150 mails, 1 second between the mails but only 34 mails get processed. And the cronjob is set up to 59 minutes. Don’t want to make my hoster angry.

Ps: you can login with putty via ssh to your account and then you can edit your cronjob like this.

Crontab - e
Than go down with keyboard arrows
Then press I like "insert"
Copy the code in above in (of course you need to change it for your installation)
Press ESC
Press :wq
It should tell you "installing new tab"
And the close putty and enjoy the crontab messages sent to your mail.