How can I unconfirm recepients (bulk)

Hi, so new and next question already …
My situation:
I have al large list of receivers from an old an unsupported newsletter application.
My customer wants them to reconfirm their subscription.
When I import the csv data (~15.000 recepients) all are marked as confirmed.

How can I ‘unconfirm’ them. Is there a possibility in phplist? Or a sql command?
Or a suggestion for a work around?

Our aim is to get a new and clean confirmation according to legal demands.

Thanks in advance!

For the record I reply to myself:
Thanks to the subscribers plugin the issue was easily performed.

Next challenge:
How to send 15.000 confirmation requests to the recepients …

@mholfelder From this question and your other one about the obfuscated email address, it looks like you are using an old release of phplist. You should upgrade to the recently released 3.3.3

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I mentioned that. Indeed I’m using phplist 3.3.1 – 3.3.3 seemed like a minor release …

:smiley: The *Invite’ plugin seems to be exactly what I was looking for!
Thanks a lot!

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