How can I temporarily block one list of subscribers from receiving 1 campaign that is sent to all other subs?

What is the best way to temporarily blacklist a group of subscribers?
Basically, I have just sent a test campaign to a list of subscribers. That all went fine, so I now want to send a campaign to the rest of the subscribers in my database, but I do not want the first list to receive it, as they’ve just been sent one.

How can I send to all, but just stop this particular group from receiving this one campaign?

So long as the campaign is the same, it should not be sent to those who have previously received it.

If however, you are creating a fresh campaign, then you need to remove these from the list. If they are on a separate list, untick that so you don’t include them in the new campaign.

If they are in a single list, and it’s a new campaign, you may have to move them into a second list, send to the original list members, then either restore them or use both lists in future.

This may also be an option using DuncanC’s Subscriber plugin.

@PortiaMcGrath You might be able to use the “list exclude” feature. Add this to the config.php file

# list exclude will add the option to send a message to users who are on a list
# except when they are on another list.
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Brilliant, thanks Duncan. Will try that now.