How can I stop multiple entry of the same email address in to the database?

I’ve just noticed that with the current update of PHPlist (3.3.3) you are able to enter the same email twice!

tbh I’ve always liked the fact that (previously) you couldn’t enter the same email multiple times as it ensured we didn’t put someone in the system twice.

Why has this changed and is there a way to set it up so that you are NOT able to enter an email twice without it saying “This email is already in the system” (or a similar alert)

Any help on resolving this issue would be most helpful

Many thanks


That’s strange. It’d be interesting if anyone can replicate this.

Hi Samtuke. Thanks for your comment.

Can you just confirm that I’m not going mad and you shouldn’t be able to enter the same email twice into the system?



@phillegg Yes that’s correct, and you can test it out on the demo site: