How can I delete from the list repeated subscribers?

I repeated emails and I can not figure out how to delete those which are repeated .

Hi, When you say you repeated them, can you be more specific? Did you send them? To the same people? Why do you want to delete them?

Be aware that deleting a mail that was sent is a serious action, you lose all the data associated with it and all the links will stop working in the copy that your subscribers received.


I do not mean that when I import new emails some of them repeated in the base. My question is how these emails only them, repeat them removed so that the person who is across the street does not get 10 email Now more clearly you have expressed sincerely hope so

Ah sorry, I assumed you meant campaigns, rather than subscribers. In phpList email addresses are called “subscribers”

I don’t think it is possible to have duplicate subscribers, can you send a screenshot of what you see exactlt?



Subscribles then I sent is reapet to the same people. How to delete this subscribles?


It is not possible, there must be some other issue with your SMTP or something.

To prove this, go to Subscribers > Search and actually look for duplicates. There won’t be any there I promise you.

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