How can I access the API with version 3.6.3

I just installed the latest stable version 3.6.3 on CentOS 8 with nginx and php-fpm version 7.2.4
Following the instructions on the page to comment out

  • Open the following file with a text editor: public_html/lists/base/config/config_modules.yml
  • Change false to true on the following line: { view_response_listener: { enabled: false } }
  • Delete this folder entirely: public_html/lists/base/var/cache

Then restart both php and nginx, the admin page is working perfectly and test email is also working
When I call, it says File Not Found

When am I missing?

@christophercheng It seems to be a problem with the new build process, which has omitted some files. When trying to access the API I get an error reported

[10-Jun-2021 14:19:40 Europe/London] PHP Fatal error: Uncaught RuntimeException: There is no composer.json in the supposed application root "/home/dcameron/public_html/lists/base". in /home/dcameron/public_html/lists/base/vendor/phplist/core/src/Core/ApplicationStructure.php:51

As a workaround you can copy the composer.json from to the xxx/lists/base directory. That seems to work for me.

I copied that composer.json file, but it still doesn’t work.
It seems that I have to wait until next release (4.0)

@christophercheng There might be a file error_log in the lists directory. That might show what is failing, otherwise the web server error log may help.