Hosting Suggestion for Customized Implementation

Want hosting suggestions do you have for phpList.

I need to customize the instance to gather email addresses and email content from my customer portal. Subscribers won’t be stored long term in my phpList instance. Because of this, I need to host the instance myself (at least thats how I justify this assumption).

What companies do you suggest as good hosts for phpList? I’m worried about a cap being placed on the number of emails I cans send. For the first year, a cap of 20K a day might be okay, but eventually not sufficient.

Thanks for the ideas.

Hi would use the form here - this is going to the the most expert hosting you can get, and it’s on a vps server so the kind of advance API integration you need isn’t going to be a problem. You can contact us though the form and we will call you :smile:


phpList community manager

Done - thanks Anna. I hope that is a good option too.

If there are other hosts, I’d still enjoy hearing about them. The only one I see mentioned in any of the threads is Bluehost.