Help using the Segment plugin to filter postcodes/zip

I want to be able to select users by their postcode. As an example, I want to send to all users with postcodes in the range 4000-4300.
I have installed the Common and Segment plugins; they are active and I’m using PHPList v3.0.5. I did have an issue installing using the install link so I have manually installed - both are green thumbs up.
I believe I need to us a REGEXP. I’ve tried a few different expressions (not familiar with this) e.g. \d [4000-4300] nothing I have tried has worked. I do have a list selected and all users have a postcode.

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This should match 4000 - 4299


To also include 4300 is a bit more complicated


Thanks Duncan; that worked a treat.

Just to see if I’ve got my head around that. If I was to need postcodes 4250-4470, I could do the following.
42([0-5] [0-9] | 50)
44([0-7] [0])


4([234] [5-7] [0]

I don’t think that either of those are entirely correct. It is a bit lengthy to match a numeric range but I found this web site that will generate the regular expression for a range

Enter only the start and end values, leave all of the check boxes unchecked (assuming that your post codes are always exactly 4 characters in length).
You can then test the generated regex using an online tester such as