Header and Footer are not changing / showing

I have a weird issue.
I’ve changed the “subscription-ui settings” in the Config > Settings and added my own Header and Footer but somehow they are not showing (i did try a different browser to avoid chaching).
What am I missing?

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I found out that to display my header and footer I have to do this from the CONFIG > SUBSCRIBE PAGES (phplist/admin/?page=spage)

I’m left with the doubt of why there are these settings and the ones inside CONFIG > SETTINGS

What is the difference? When does one apply and when the other?

thankyou for finding out the solution, i was getting crazy, and i add to your first question why does this happen, and why i can’t use the main config>settings


The fields on the Settings page are used as the initial values when you create a subscribe page. After that, you can customise the subscribe page without affecting those initial values.

The Settings page fields are also used for the default subscribe page when you have not yet created one.

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Thankyou very much, just yesterday i’ve realized that once you start to make new subscribe pages, the default one it’s kind of template from the new ones, so it does not change.cSo you have to change the new subscriber pages. Took me a while but now i understand the logic behind it.