Having problems with Ajax subscription form from seperate server

I’ve set up an Ajax subscription form on my main site (my phplist has it’s own server) as in this post Ajax subscribe api using duncanc’s script. Settings have all been correctly set: id of the list and subscribe page etc. The script successfully subscribes someone but still gives the error message ie. error: function (request, status, error) { alert('Sorry, we were unable to process your subscription.'); This is an new set up of 3.2.4 freshly installed with the old (updated) database from 2.10.

The page I’m using is here : https://shiftinglight.com/test/1.html

any suggestions other than change the error message to ‘Success!’ ?

ps. brand new ubuntu 14.04 server php5 etc.

Have found a good solution :smile:

tutorial here:

you just need the js from here and adjust it to fit the critical settings as outlined by @duncanc in Ajax subscribe api

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Hi @julianms,

Thanks for posting a solution!


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