Handling lead magnets

Hi all!

I want to create lead magnets for my readers, i.e. different kinds of freebies they can download in exchange for signing up. Right now I’ve created a seasonal produce calendar (http://chocolateandzucchini.com/seasonal-produce/ ) but have lots of other ideas to encourage visitors to sign up and build my email list.

I am trying to figure out how best to use phpList for that:

  • I need to flag users to indicate which freebie they’ve downloaded, so I can send them the freebie they want, and possibly send segmented emails based on their interest down the line.
  • I need to send them the freebie they’ve signed up for.

My main problem is in the flagging: initially I thought I’d create a checkbox group containing my different freebies, with a hidden checkbox in the specific freebie form to indicate the current freebie value. If a user downloads several freebies over time, I want to keep track of that.

The problem is that if someone wants a different freebie and submits the corresponding subscription form, the new freebie value is saved and the previous one is lost, which is a pity. But of course I can’t pre-populate that hidden checkbox value with the freebies that person has already downloaded.

Is there a way to have values in a subscription form only augment, not replace, the current stored value? Should I just rig the existing code?

And then, to send the freebie, should I do a self-requeing email segmented for the appropriate freebie flag?

I hope I’m describing my needs with some sort of clarity – my apologies if not.

Thanks in advance for any insights or advice!
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I think https://www.phplist.org/our-team/finecutbodies/ does this on his site. I will tweet him this thread see is he will respond :smile:

I think you need to use the API @samtuke has been working on, don’t think it’s done yet but might well be usable!

Thanks so much, Anna. I will follow up with them both!

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