Hacked Admin Folder

I am running PHPList on an inmotionhosting server, they quarantined the Admin folder saying files in it were corrupt. What is the best way to overcome this and get the installation running again? I I reinstall PHPList, will I lose my subscriber list?

@mplieb You need only copy the phplist files from the distibution zip file, replacing the current files. The database will be unaffected. Ensure that you backup the config.php file, and any other files or directories that you might have changed.

@duncanc What InMotionHosting support did was extract a backup of the Admin folder from a backup from 12/2020. The installation said it was out of date (3.6.3 v. 3.5.8) and the subscriber list was out of date.

I ran the updater in PHPlist and it is now consistent but using version 3.5.8 and the subscriber list is current before the quarantine.

So where is/are the subscriber list file(s) located?
And can you explain again how to upgrade to the latest version?


@mplieb The subscriber data is held in the database. I guess that inmotion may also have restored the database using a backup from the earlier date which would account for the subscribers being different. You will need to raise this with inmotion.