Giving a List Priority When Sending

We are using PHPList 3.0.12. Our company provides email marketing. Our campaigns take several hours to send. When we send our campaigns, we send to a list of our employees and a list of our clients first to assure they receive the email campaign within 3 minutes of the scheduled send time. We were using an old version of PHPList and we would manually process the queue to these two lists first, when they were done running we would add the main lists to be used for that campaign and re-process the queue. I see with the newer version of PHPList we may want to set up our campaigns to automatically send using the embargo date/time. I am wondering if there is a way to give the first two lists a priority setting so we could queue up the campaign with all the lists it is to be sent to but have it send to the first two lists first and then continue sending to all the other lists/recipients?

Thanks for any help you can provide.

So phpList doesn’t send “per list” if you select multiple lists, it pools all the subscribers and then sends based on configuration, so this is how we have domain throttling etc.

First of all, you should request this as a feature, basically following the bug report method here

Secondly, it would be good to understand why your sending is slow, it strikes me that if we can improve that then you will have less of a problem in the mean time :smile:

Thanks Anna, I thought that was the case (pooling of subscribers), but wasn’t sure if there was a workaround for setting priority. I will check into the link you provided. Each of our broadcasts go to about 30k subscribers (taking about 6.5hrs to run each) and the server we are currently on is critically full, this I believe is the main slow up. We are within 4 weeks of going live on a new server with the updated PHPList, this should speed things up.

Thanks again!

Sounds exciting - what’s the company/project?

Also, you may want to consider getting your new phpList set up and configured by the phpList developers or even using itself (might be cheaper than your new server) to see if we can get that speed up more significantly. I know BroadWayWorld got some help from the phpList developers and their speed is now really great :slight_smile:

Hi Anna - we are, we advertise aircraft for sale, aircraft wanted, and aviation services. The project is upgrading to the latest PHPList version and moving from a very old, small Linux server to a new robust AS400, we use the AS400 for other things as well.
Thank you for the information. :wink:

amazing!! :slight_smile: What a great business