Get bounces from external mail account?


I’m running PHPList on an dedicated server that is not able to receive any mails (for security reasons it only can send mails). Thus Reply-To and From fields in my outgoing mails always point to a GMail address.

Now of course all undeliverable mails end up in mailbox of this GMail address (amazingly in Spam-folder while the PHPList-mails that are sent there arrive in Inbox).

My question: is there a possibility to somehow let PHPList know about these returned mail to automatically unsubscribe them from the list?


When logging into a mailbox using pop from a remote location, I don’t believe Gmail sends the messages in the Junk folder.

You could either:

  1. tell gmail that you want the bounces sent to your inbox by marking a couple of messages as ‘not spam’, and adding the bounce address to your address book.

  2. create a different email address to use as the message envelope, and that way the bounces are separated from the replies, making it easier to deal with them. Then, do step 1. for the new mailbox.


OK, thanks for the feedback! :slight_smile: