From and ReplyTo

Hi All,

First of all a brief introduction on why and how we use phplist: we are a no-profit organization with around 200 members splitted in 2 phplist lists. We started using phplist as we needed something which would deliver email with a queue system and delay to avoid delivery hour limit imposed by our hosting service. Different people (around 10) are able to send emails to 1 or both lists. As delivery to a specific list can be done just by the owner of the list itself I have created a unique username (owner of all lists) and all people sending, share same username and password. A cronjob takes care of delivery the queue every 15 minutes. Often the person sending the email asks members for a feedback so we tend to set the field “From (Email Address)” in the GUI with our own personal email (gmail mostly but not always) so that a receiver, just hitting the reply button, can reply to the person who sent the message.

Doing so the majority of email providers flag the message as scam or pishing as we send an email from a server (eg: saying it is coming from The ideal solution from my point of view would be to leave the FROM header as the default and add a ReplyTo header with the person private email.

Is that doable? Any suggestion?



Another approach (if your hosting allows it) would be to send from or
so they come from the same domain and set those emails up in cpanel or similar with forwarders to the respective personal emails.


That wouldn’t be possible, I only have 3 domain email addresses and they are used for other purposes. We have around 10 different people sending out emails.

I could modify the code to allow an extra field “ReplyTo” in the GUI but I prefer to check with other developers or experts if there is a way around the problem or if there is a particular reason why the “ReplyTo” field has never been added.