Finding out whether a link has been clicked in a campaign


Within my campaign, there is a link for recipients to click for further information. The campaign is sent from my server while the link is on another server, which I don’t have access to. Is there any way to find out if the link within the campaign has been clicked or not?


make sure this is in your config.php file…

# Click tracking
# If you set this to 1, all links in your emails will be converted to links that
# go via phpList. This will make sure that clicks are tracked. This is experimental and
# all your findings when using this feature should be reported to mantis
# for now it's off by default until we think it works correctly

@danwaterloo Thanks for your reply. I have added define(‘CLICKTRACK’,1); in config.php and sent a dummy campaign to which I was the only recipient. I then clicked a link in the campaign email. I also clicked the link in a real campaign I had sent out weeks ago to which I was also a recipient. In both cases, the statistics overview shows 0 for ‘CLICKS’.

What is the url that you want to track?

@danwaterloo Hi Dan

Thanks ever so much for your earlier reply. It is working. I added a link to in my dummy campaign and sent to myself. I then clicked the link to go to the above page. The statistics have been updated. Very pleased.