Finding Answers Of A Lot of Questions

So, I’m New To The Game.
And, I’ve a lots of questions to ask.

Recently, I’ve Made 3 Lists -> List 1, List 2 -> Have the Same Subscribers (My Dear Friends & Relatives -> Apprx. 125) whereas, List 3 contains 9997 Subscribers. (My Followers)

So, the Thing is.,
Question : Whenever I run a campaign, and select both the List 1 and List 2, (which contains the same emails) will the same email get delivered twice ?

Now., Moving Towards a Screenshot…

Here, I tried to send Newsletter to List 2 & List 3 (Since List 1 contains the same subs as List 2)

Question 1 : What does that “Giving a UUID to 10006 Subs” mean, where I have 10006+ Subs
Question 2 : What does that “Processing message 5” mean
Question 3 : Are 10122 the total no. of Subs., on the both lists I’ve selected ?
Question 4 : What is that “Script Stage 5”
Question 5 : What does that mean ??

My Main language isn’t english so please pardon me,.
thanks for bearing my noobness in advance.

EDIT : One More Question, What if I close the window., cause It takes long to send 10K messages

  1. Uuid = unique user Id, this basically means how many new subscribers since the last campaign you sent
  2. its the 5th campaign generated on your system, you may not have sent 4 campaigns before but even starting to create a campaign uses this number so this number increases
  3. 10122 should be the total number (excludes duplicate on both lists)
  4. stage 5 is the sending stage
  5. it means its ready to send either by manual process or by a cron job
  6. if you close the window it stops sending. It will resume sending from that point if you restart later. Unless you setup a cron job to do the sending instead and that runs on your server in the background.