Find Subscriber Box Doesn't Work

I have taken on the task of
managing our database lists. I am able to add people to the list through
the function where I go to the “search subscribers” page, hit “add
subscriber” and fill in an email address. I cannot seem to search
subscribers. For example, if I put my email address in and hit search, it
indicates “no subscribers apply”. If I go on to “add subscriber” and put in
my email address, it brings up the rest of my information. I note that on
the “search subscriber” page, other administrators tells me he sees a yellow bar at the top
that tells how many subscribers are in the database. I have no yellow bar
on my page.

I don’t know whether it helps but we ran into another anomaly which may help?. When I click on another administrator on the administrators list, it brought up my
administrator configuration. At least one other administrator is able to click on different administrators and see their info. Don’t know if this helps.

Note that I am using windows 10, generally google chrome although I also tried explorer and had the same problem. I am using php list version 3.0.10

Thanks for your help.

@JohnWoodland Possibly your admin id has been created as an ordinary admin.

If you want to manage all subscribers then it needs to be a super admin. Ask another admin, who is a super admin, to change your settings on the Manage Administrators page.

Thank you. I will try that and post back if it works.

That indeed solved the problem. Your help is greatly appreciated.

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