Fatalerror: Unable to create campaign, did you forget to upgrade the database?

Hi all,
First post hopefully you can help me. I am using the free service onf Phplist.com.
Since we have less than 100 members and messages are less than 200 per month at the moment. I would be happy to pay for support if you think this issue warrants for it.

When creating a campaign I get the following message:

fatalerror: Unable to create campaign, did you forget to upgrade the database?

The only database I created as a user was the members and I seem to be able to access the list fine.

As you might hint from the website I am using phplist, version 3.3.1-hosted, on firefox 52.0 (64-bit) on ubuntu 16.04 LTS 64 bit machine.

The URL where the problem is seen is:

I have been able to send 3 campaigns in the past 3 months. The only difference might have been some new members. At one point I changed the text of the web pages and footer of emails but I have since set it back to default.

Thanks for your time!

@amunizp You should raise the problem directly with phplist hosted, through your account pages.

The error message is misleading, but as you have found you are not able to create a new campaign so it is probably a “system” problem.

@amunizp @samtuke I get exactly the same error when I try to create a new campaign on my hosted account, so it is a system problem.

Thank you. I have used the “contact us” form found in my admin page. I received an email in acknowledgement. Hopefully is the right channel.

Is it the same for paying users?

EDIT: it was the right channel got an answer 16hrs:

We are aware of the problem and are working swiftly to resolve it.

Seems to be working.