Exporting large subscriber list


When I try to export subscriber list from my phplist it gets stuck, there is no error message. Is there any solution to this?


what version of phpList are you using, and what version of php?

i’ve actually been looking into this and trying to figure out a resolution for a quick minute now. I’m trying to export a list of 48k subscribers, with about 20 different attributes. i found a quick script on the board that does a bang up job of exporting lists, but it’s only coded to include the basic info… and i’m not skilled enough to be able to add the rest of the fields :confused:

anyhow, i run on CloudLinux and my client is in a container… so i’m finding that the issue seems to be between the active extensions, the php version, and the resources. i just can’t exactly figure it out.

what i have figured out is that when you have the $tmpdir set to /home/user/tmp, the export ALWAYS seems to timeout at around 5mb… which seems kind of funny. when i looked in there, I actually found that all of my previous export attempts were in there as well. coincidence that they’re all around 5mb? i sorted the attached image by size, so you can see that it changes by date. I only point that out because it shows how many settings that i’ve tried tweaking along the way, to get to that number. this seems a bit interesting to me. is it a timeout issue? a file size issue? an export size limitation? a bad record? i’ll report back if i figure it out, but i have a feeling that i’m going to settle for the largest export file size that i can find in the /tmp folder. i can’t waste too much more time on this task… considering that the 2 minutes that it should have taken has easily lead to several hours of debugging.