Export subscribers stuck

when I trying to export subscribers from the list with more than 140K subscribers, the load page working in exporting till 97K then stopped forever and not continue.

with trying many times, same result. I can’t export my subscriber’s list!

other lists with less than 60K I can do the exporting successfully.

please help

I really appreciate any quick help on this !

@smartideas If you have the latest release of phplist, 3.5.8, then you can try exporting from the command line instead of through the browser.
Use a command similar to that for any other command line page such as processqueue

php /path/to/phplist/admin/index.php -p export -l 999 -c /path/to/phplist/config/config.php

where 999 is the list id. The file should be created in the directory identified by the $tmpdir variable in config.php

The same issue, I cant export the high-volume subscriber’s list, I try the code with a small list and working perfectly.

any help?