Export Issues with phplist v3.2.5

Hi phplist people

I’ve recently upgraded from version 2.10.19 to 3.2.5 as I was strongly encouraged to by various members of this forum. However, I am finding various issues that are starting to really frustrate me.

One I’ve recently discovered is the export function that doesn’t seem to work correctly. I tried exporting a particular list on Friday and was unable to do it with the export page just refreshing (& resetting) itself without doing anything after waiting for a minute or so.

Today (Monday) it seems to go to a new page with a rotating phplist icon (which is more promising) and does after quite sometime create a downloadable csv list - but - it seems to export the entire database of approx 6000 users, rather than the specific list I asked for?

Has anybody experienced this type of behaviour and/or has a suggestion on how to resolve it? I’ve seen a similar issue re different admin/superadmin permissions on the forum but that doesn’t seem to address this issue.

I have been reading the spec on the phplist website and can confirm I have the following versions on the website:

php 5.4.45
MySQL 5.5.50-cll
Operation System: linux

We also have the following plugins enabled:


We have CKEditor plugin installed too, but it’s not enabled.

FYI, we installed the fresh 3.2.5 version of phplist on the server recently and in the process copied the old 2.10.19 version’s MySQL database to the new install.

Any help with this would be most helpful.