Export All Subscribers stops at 235,450

Selecting ONLY Email field Export ALL stops at 235,450. I need to get to 400,000. Is there a record limit? Too many lists to download individually. Can I fix this? If not who can? Thank you.

Is php timing out? that’s something to check. (php.ini)

An alternative way would be to go into the database, and run a command to select the email addresses into a file. You will end up with a file with all of your email addresses. If you go this route, you might want to select only the confirmed and not blacklisted contacts.

Hi Dan: php is NOT timing out. Selecting ONLY Email field Export ALL stops at 235,450 every time. I do not understand your suggestion. I am running the command in the phplist database for email addresses ONLY. The question remains: Is there a limit on the number of records that phplist will export? If so can it be increased by the user? Or by phplist programming?

Hi Richard, There is no hard limit on the number of emails phpList will export. I suggested that you export the addresses directly from the database (using a database language script… SQL). This would bypass the web interface to the system.