Experimental domain throttling configurations, possible sending duplicate emails?

Hi, I am using 3.2.4 version and using the experimental configurations: USE_DOMAIN_THROTTLE, DOMAIN_BATCH_SIZE and DOMAIN_BATCH_PERIOD. So, some users and departments told me they received many duplicated messages, in randomly times. I could not think in anything else other than disable these options for now. Do anyone know if these configurations are no more in the experimental state in a later version of phplist? Moreover, can someone give any clue?

@ftbarata I do not think that duplicate emails would be caused by use of domain throttle.
There has been earlier reports of duplicate emails. One cause is that phplist thinks that the the sending of the email failed, and then retries the sending successfully. Whereas in fact the first email was sent. In these cases there should be an entry in the event log, so you should check that first.
You could also look at the duplicate emails to see whether they differ in any way. For example do they have the same date/time?

Hi @duncanc , thanks for reply. So, I am not sure about the event log you are talking about. Do you mean postfix mail.log ? Or, Windows event log? I am running phplist on a debian host, so there is no (windows) event log. Moreover, what was the conclusion of the duplicate emails in the other threads about this?

@ftbarata The phplist event log page.
This is the earlier thread that I was thinking of Campaign Sent Multiple Times .. (SMTP Error)

Hi @duncanc I found the same errors that the thread you quoted have. Many thanks again, I am now following that up.

Hi @duncanc, I did what you told in that thread, in the file admin/actions/processqueue.php but it seems that it’s causing the “fake sending” effect. I am running version 3.2.4, so, this solution need to be done in a specific version other than 3.2.4 ?

@ftbarata I don’t understand what you mean. The effect of that change is for phplist to treat every attempt to send an email as being successful, even when it was not.