Every mail sent from processque go to SPAM

Hi! I’ve installed PhpList, and it works fine and test mails and suscriptions mails goes good, but when i send a campaign every one in the list receives the mail in spam.

What can i do?

The site is ecomails.com.ar


Your domain, registrar info, spf record, etc. aren’t properly configured.
Most spam filters will consider it spam.

Here’s My Spam Checklist

  1. Email Configuration (rDNS, ABUSE Contacts, Email RFC Spec Compliant)
  2. Email Authentication (SPF, DKIM, DMARC)
  3. Blacklists (Monitor them - free scans at many places)
  4. Content (Check Headers on the email received as spam to make sure)
  5. IP Warming (No Sender Reputation)

Once you get 1 and 2 perfected (Test with this Mail Tester), then you just have to monitor 3 - always check 4 (before you send - Do it manually by creating accounts on the mail ESP or use a Spam Detector Tool that does it automatically) and 5 should fall into place.

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