Error while creating new message

Using version 3.3.1, worked fine until now. I want to write a newsletter but receive this message: “schwerwiegender Fehler: (fatal error) Unable to create campaign, did you forget to upgrade the database?”

Upgraded the database - no result (is already set to the last version the system said). Changed on my website php 7.2 back to php 5.6 - still the same error message comes up.

What to do and how?

Many thanks for help, Bernd

You could try ‘Reinitialise the database’ after backing up your data.

Thanks, Samtuke. I tried, the result is:

Initialisiere Tabelle attribute
Fehler: Tabelle existiert bereits
… fehlgeschlagen

and so on:

means Error: table is already existent … failed

At the bottom end I have the opportunity to force the program to initialise the database - but this will kill all data. Hence I would have a working system and no-one would receive the newsletter.

Running the system on 3.3.3 now. Actualised the database successfully, but can’t send any new message. The rest of the system works fine.

Completely lost,

Under 3.3.3 the page remains blank when I want to crete a new message. Very strange.

No clue what’s the problem.


This seems to indicate that phplist cannot insert into the message table. Possibly the table has been corrupted, so it might be worthwhile trying mysql repair table on it.

Many thanks, Duncanc,

How to do this? Is there an easy way? I have no clue, sorry.

Kind regards,

@BerndFRT You can use phpmyadmin or mysql at a command line. But if you are not familiar with these then I would recommend you get someone else to do it.

Thanks; I’ll ask my provider. Currently he’s busy due to the GDPR