Error Message when sending new campaign

I’m just running a new campaign with only 220 addresses. For some reason it’s managed to send 97, but the rest aren’t being sent - in the processing queue window I’m getting the same message: ‘Error Sending Message 4 (xxx/yyy) to …’ for all the failures.

All the addresses in the list are a sublist of a much larger list that I’ve emailed a few times before with no problem. I’m using phplist v 3.0.12 and using the latest Chrome browser.

Any clues? Or where could I look to find any more info?

Thanks, in advance,


Hi Tony,

The first thing that I would check is the number of emails an hour/day/etc that your hosting service will allow. Check that against your config.php file, and make sure that phpList is sending under the maximum allowed rate.


Thanks for the reply. I’ll check into this but I think the problem may lie elsewhere - I’ve used it with its current settings to send larger campaigns before - although not since May.

Thanks again,