Error after installation - Cron Job does not work

I installed PHPList through Softaculous on cpanel and Cron Job was created automatically but it is not processing the list.

List does not process automatically! Only manually!

Installed Version: 3.5.3
Release Date: 22-04-2020
PHP 7.1

Cron Job created in cPanel:
45 * * * *

php -q /home2/bnweb756/public_html/lists/admin/index.php -pprocessqueue -c / home2 / bnweb756 / public_html / lists / config / config.php

The following error arrives in the email:
Your PHP version is too old. Please upgrade PHP before continuing.

How to solve?

@bnweb0 It appears that the command to run php from a cron job is an older version that that used by the web server.

In Cpanel ofthen there is a way to change the version of php used - look in the Software group of icons. Otherwise raise the problem with your hosting company.