Embedding images

I am trying to embed an image in my email. Something like:


Is there a way to accomplish this?

Thanks in advance

Hi, have you looked at the manual? www.phplist.org/manual

Appreciate your response.

Yes, but did not find it, which is why asked here.

Does anyone know or is this not an option within the software?


You can embed images that have been uploaded using one of the editors (fckeditor, CKEditor) by setting a value in your config.php file.
See https://resources.phplist.com/system/config/embeduploadimages

But if you want to embed images outside of that then you will need to install and use a plugin https://resources.phplist.com/plugins/inlineimage

Something like this should work with no problem when composing html emails… unless you are blocking image hotlinking within WP.

<img width="100" height="50" border="0" src="http://test.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/image." alt="" />

I guess he means like the image will be sent with the message so that it won’t be blocked by email clients.

Thanks for the clarifying Anna.
From the way it was originally posted, I thought he just wanted to include the images via reference.

Thank you all!!!

A couple of good recommendations that I will test over the weekend!

Thanks again!

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No probs :slight_smile: I am getting to be a pro at deciphering, but I am still often confused :smile:

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