Embedding image with Phplist 3.3.3

I’ve installed and configured my 3.3.3 version, uploaded my images on the server, used fckeditor to browse and call the image files, but I have only image frames displayed (must right clic, …)
Config file : define(‘EMBEDEXTERNALIMAGES’,1);
I tried to use internal and external templates, same result !
I tested with an external link and it was ok , so my question is how to do it on the same server ? I can’t imagine having an additionnal server just for images !
Can anyone help please ?
Lot of thanks in advance!

@BH55 There are many similar questions in this forum; you may find an answer fastest by reviewing them.

Personally I’d recommend using CKEditor instead, and if the problem persists, check the permissions of the related directories and images on your server filesystem. Permissions are one of the most likely causes.