Embedded images not being embedded when sending from command line

Hi there,

  1. I’m using PHPList V 3.2.5, installed in the AWS Cloud environment via Bitnami.
  2. Embedded images, using the setting define(‘EMBEDEXTERNALIMAGES’, 1) is working perfectly when processing the queue from the web front end.

My issue is, the same email that embeds the email in line when processing the mail queue from the front end, does not embed the image in line when making use of the cron to process the queue in the background via the command line command.

The cron was setup to run as follows (this is done as root user):
/opt/bitnami/apps/phplist/scripts/phplist -pprocessqueue

And phplist contains:

Kindly let me know if any other information is required to get this resolved.

Thank you very much,