Emails getting sent in two smaller batches rather than one bactch

Hello All:

I am sending out a mailing. My settings in the config file are as follows:


My cron job on bluehost fires every 10 minutes.
The above is designed to send out 660 emails every 10 minutes and i have put a 1 second gap between emails.

However the emails get sent out in 2 batches one of 76 emails and the other of 39 emails, which comes to 115 emails, however batch waits for 10 minutes, thus doubling my sending time.

How are my settings wrong?

What can i do to send the 110 emails in one 10 minute batch rather than 2 smaller batches as above described?

Thanks in advance…

When phplist processes the queue it looks backwards for the batch period to see how many emails were sent, and reduces the current batch size by that number. That is not really the correct calculation when using a cron job, but is more applicable when processing the queue through the browser.

In your case you can reduce the batch period to a small value, say 10s, so that phplist doesn’t find any emails sent in the past 10s.