Emails failed to send

I have three installations of phpList, two on the same server (different web domain) and one on a second server. Both servers are at the same hosting service. The two on one server just are no longer working. They both say they are processing their respective campaign, but also tell me the “number of emails” failed (will retry later). All three installations are v.3.4.5. The non-working installations server is running PHP 7.3. according to the cpanel. I can change that to 5.x, but then the web interface shows blank pages. Host support desk been trying to help but no solutions. Working install is PHP 5.5.

I’d try to troubleshoot further… it might not be the php version.
on the ‘broken’ server…

  1. verify that the permissions of the user/database connection are correct.
  2. can you send a test email? (would indicate that the smtp settings are correct)
  3. take a look at your the users on your lists, make sure that they were imported correctly and that the email address only holds the email (I’ve seen incorrectly imported email lists where more than the email address is in the email field.).


Dan, thanks for your suggestions. I’m not sure how to verify the permissions of the user/database. I am the admin of phpList and can see the conf.php file where the database info remains the same.

Yes, I can send a test email. And now I have reports that some people have received multiple copies of the same email, from each time I restart the queue. While others haven’t received anything.

The email addresses seem to be fine, and were before it stopped working on August 13th. The last time it worked was with an email I sent on July 24th. We don’t send a lot of emails so it cab a month or two between them.

So it seems that it is sending to some addresses. On my web browser I am not getting any status updates or the progress bar.

Sounds like something changed on the server since the last time you sent an email batch.
Firstly, I’d change the version of php to 5.6 or later. 5.5 won’t work with the new version of phpList (as you mentioned).
Your goal should be to get the new version of phpList up and running, and once that is working, upgrade your old version.
Did change your php to 7.x, and then try sending a test email to yourself using one of the 3.4.5 versions of phpList. If that arrives, then your system is configured properly.
Start with that , and let me know when that’s working.


Thanks for your help. But I decided I can’t spend a week trying to troubleshoot phpList with my web server provider every time it breaks, which is often. I have moved two of my clients to MailChimp and plan to move the third one soon. Another bonus is that using MailChimp at the levels my clients need is free and doesn’t count against my hourly email limits.

After all these years of using phpList, I will miss it, but I won’t miss it not working half the time I need it to work.


Sorry to hear that you are moving… you’re always welcome back to using phpList.

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phpmail stopped working on my online calendar as well, switched it to smtp so now it works. The calendar (LuxCal) is suppose to send me an email when one of my clients adds or edits an event in the calendar. That stopped at about the same time. So I am pointing my finger at the provider’s server. Another account I have with them that is on a different server where I am also using phpList. That phpoList is working fine. So I have nothing bad to say about phpList.