Emails aren't being received (sent successfully from phpList)

Hello everybody,

I asked about the below on phpList github page and they suggested I do here:

We did setup phpList successfully on our server and configured the mail server information into it. We are able to send campaigns successfully as it shows in phpList.

The only problem, we aren’t receiving any of the emails as we have inserted them among the public list we are sending to.

The campaign stats shows that few people are actually opening the newsletter but a very low rate ( around 1.5% of more than 2000 contacts)

We have monitored the log in hMail server during the sending process and it shows that all the emails are processed successfully (only yahoo addresses are stuck for some reason but that is another issue)

How we can track what’s going wrong exactly?

Appreciate your help!


[UPDATE] It seems that the problem only on Google emails (Gmail and the google apps ones, it explains why a small percentage of people are opening it since most of our subscribers are @ Gmail)

Gmail is notoriously difficult to deliver to. Many services currently advise not aiming for the inbox at all as it is unlikely to be achieved, but instead targeting the promotions tab.
Your IP and various SMTP setup options are important for Gmail delivery. See other threads in this forum for others advice and experience on this subject.