Email field is not appearing on mobile phone's screen

I just created a subscribe page which appears correctly on a desktop computer’s screen. However, on mobile phones (tested on a Samsung Galaxy S3 and an iPhone 5) the subscribe page’s Introduction text appears fine but the fields for the visitor to enter their email and name do not appear at all. I’m stumped. Any thoughts or suggestions?


Any chance of a screenshot please? Or a link to try it ourselves.

I’ve just checked my Gardeners’ Association website, phplist link with an iPad with no problem.

The subscribe page I created and that’s not showing fields for email, etc. on mobile phone screens is at

Hi Mike,

Thanks for the link, I’ve looked at it in Windows 7, as expected so no problem there. I’ve also run your site and specifically your phplist’s URLs through [Google’s Mobile Friendly checker][1] and that’s come up as Mobile Friendly.

So, powering up my mobile, funnily enough also a Samsung Galaxy, and everything appears as I would expect:

Therefore I wonder if it is something specific to your phones?

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If that is actually the URL that you are using then you have a typo. It should be

phplist is ignoring the parameters on your URL and is showing
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Well I’ll be darned! It was indeed my typographical error in the URL I was typing into the mobile phones that was causing the trouble. Problem solved. Thanks, Dragonrider and duncanc for your generous assistance! This was hugely helpful! :smile:

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