duplicate bounce


I’ve been using phplist for 2 years now and overall i’m pretty happy with it.
However i have a problem on one of my newsletter installations, i have a multitude of bounces which are noted as “duplicate bounce”. I understood where my error came from, in the config.php file i had set $bounce_mailbox_purge to 0, i modified it to set it to 1. On the other hand now i would like to get rid of all its duplicate bounces . How can we do ?

Dedicated Server, Debian 10, php 7.3, phplist 3.6.7. If you need any other information let me know.

@T.N.S I don’t think that there is a way to delete duplicate bounces specifically. You need to use the usual methods of the delete control on the View Bounces page (bounces more than 2 months old), and bounce rules. You could create a bounce rule that matches only duplicate bounces with an action of deleting the bounce.