Drafting a Privacy Policy, Terms of Service to Use phpList For Collecting Emails Legally

I’m about to launch my email subscription landing page, but I don’t have a Privacy Policy (pp) as of yet. With so many people using phpList, I’m sure this need has cropped up for someone before, and I would love a bit of guidance.

The goal is to have a compliant pp and ToS that I can take to a lawyer and have them double check it. I cannot afford to pay a layer (or a copywriter) to WRITE one.

What did you do to create a valid and compliant pp and ToS so to collect, use and maintain customer data?

I know it is possible to find a website that offers the same service as I do and copy their pp and Tos. Of course, the wording must be tweaked to reflect my info. But that is plagiarism and I’m hesitant to do that.

I’ve been searching online for free pp and ToS generators, but I’m not having much luck. Do you know of a reputable online service that offers such thing for free or an inexpensive fee? I would appreciate any and all advice on this.

@Mel We built one from boiler plates we found on the web. Feel free to visit http://www.monicals.com and click the Privacy Policy link at the bottom of the front page. You can use any part of it since it is public domain information.

Thank you so much! I’ll check it out.