Draft will not save message body


Currently running v3.0.5 under a LAMP environment.
Recently when trying to save a draft email, it no longer will save the email message, instead it insert the character “1” into the message field.

The other fields all work fine. I tried to load the page, manually add the message body into the database for the daft, reload the page (no saving etc at this point) and the tool over writes the message body with the character 1

It is very strange in that between adding the message to the database, then refreshing the page overwrites the message and inserts the 1.

I would look to see what is at issue, but I do not work with PHPList much and not positive which file would save the draft message body to the database.

here is the URL seen when on the page:


any help in this would be appreciated.

No code changes have been done to the site. other then the following for a reported error:

File: admin\connect.php

< $editable = false;

$editable = 0;

File: admin\editlist.php

< = ’ update %s’

= ' update IGNORE %s'


< = ’ insert into %s’

= ' insert IGNORE into %s'

File: admin\spageedit.php

< Sql_Query(sprintf(‘update %s set active = 1 where id = %d’,

Sql_Query(sprintf(‘update IGNORE %s set active = 1 where id = %d’,

File: admin\list.php

< = ’ update %s’

= ' update IGNORE %s'

File: admin\spage.php

< Sql_Query(sprintf(‘update %s set active = 0’,$GLOBALS[‘tables’][‘subscribepage’]));

Sql_Query(sprintf(‘update IGNORE %s set active = 0’,$GLOBALS[‘tables’][‘subscribepage’]));
< Sql_Query(sprintf(‘update %s set active = 1 where id = %d’,$GLOBALS[‘tables’][‘subscribepage’],$sPageId));

Sql_Query(sprintf('update IGNORE %s set active = 1 where id = %d',$GLOBALS['tables']['subscribepage'],$sPageId));

found at: