Draft campaign templates deleting

I set up some text in a couple of draft campaigns that I want to reuse, but after I send these campaigns out the drafts disappears. How do I retain them for reusing them for further campaigns.

You can setup a template, with a place holder that is substituted with content that changes from one campaign to the next.

Or, you can use a plug-in called ‘Campaigns Plugin’ which allows you to easily copy a previously send campaigns and edit them. Don’t forget that the Campaigns Plugin requires another plugin called ‘CommonPlugin’, which you should install first.

@algiesbay The campaigns haven’t been deleted, their status has changed from draft to sent.

If you want to reuse the content from an old campaign then you can

  • edit the campaign, then copy/paste the content to your new campaign. Be careful that you don’t save the sent campaign when editing because its status will then go back to draft.
  • try the Campaigns plugin, which provides a function to copy a
    campaign into a new one. Click the ‘find plugins’ link on the Manage Plugins page to find it.