I am using v3.0.12 of phplist and would appreciate if you could explain how much the delay described as ‘delay a bit between messages’ actually is for DOMAIN_AUTO_THROTTLE?

*# if you have very large numbers of users on the same domains, this may result in the need*
*# to run processqueue many times, when you use domain throttling. You can also tell phplist*
*# to simply delay a bit between messages to increase the number of messages sent per queue run*
*# if you want to use that set this to 1, otherwise simply run the queue many times. A cron*
*# process every 10 or 15 minutes is recommended.*

I am currently starting off gently and my settings are as follows.


I have sent a small message to 3 email addresses within the same domain and it took 31 seconds to process. A 10 second delay is applied between each message which means there can’t be any delay being being applied as a consequence of turning on DOMAIN_AUTO_THROTTLE. I turned off USE_DOMAIN_THROTTLE as I found it took 3 process runs to send to the same 3 email addresses (which seems broken to me). With USE_DOMAIN_THROTTLE on it would send 1 email and then report remaining as failed on each process run.

Any guidance gratefully received.

Don’t know - if you think there is an issue perhaps try the developers mailing list or make a bug report :slight_smile:

It is not clear from the config file documentation but USE_DOMAIN_THROTTLE needs to be set for DOMAIN_AUTO_THROTTLE to be used.

When using DOMAIN_THROTTLE on its own, phplist will “fail” email addresses when the domain batch size has been exceeded. As you commented, you then need to run process queue again in order to process those.

In my experience domain throttling leads to unpredictable delays in sending and is probably best left disabled.

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mmm, strange. I know it’s used to very good effect on Perhaps M will help with this, though I know he is super busy this week